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Well, here it is.... some shot during our life in Koleq.. if you kind to give me some pitcures, give them hand to hand, e mail or post them to me...

Album 1999

Photography Session 1999

Photograpy Session 2000

Album 2000

I still looking for some pitcures.. If you have any pitcures or some pitcures below.. please hand them to me..

Dorm 99
Dorm 2000 (4,6,7,8,9,IT)
MC Fotfep
Any kind of 'minggu' (sasa, melayu)
Any event (perlantikan AJK batch, FUTSAL fest etc)
Any kind of pitcure
Lastly... I am looking for some inspection pitcure.. especially Tobeq's pitcure..      
       Could you please hand them to me??