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Special Corner
The purpose to have this special corner is to give some oppurtunity for our beloved prefects, who have make our life brighter in college, to give some words, it might be some last words, what they hope we will be in the future, what they think about us.. or anything.. But I am late.. I am too late. I just get message from the 9600' prefects and I miss to have Aleq's and Afdhal's message.  Dear Aleq, Afdhal... If you are reading this.. Could you please e mail me... I hope, I can add anything about you.. here... I don't want to miss anyone.. What I want is.. everyone have their oppurtunity.. So.. that's what we call fair!!
   Waq of 9600
   Md Dex of 9600
   Nisha of 9600
   Che Gap of 9600
   Am of 9600
   Zaid of 9600