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Md Dex of 9600

"The night has hone and say the morning come....
I like early morning, Everyhing is fresh,
and the sun taiking aim at the eyes
like a sportlight, Fresh air going through the vein, and I keep craining my neck,
searhing fo the rhythm of singing birds, and look in the various skies, and remmants of rain become spots on memory"

Md Dex #82

Well, now, I'm nick of time,
Dah nak jadi old boys, well. Nak nasihatkan korang...

Be interesting Person...
Be Happy all the way...
Don't let the situation contol you...
You Is the master of your own body...

"Whose soul still Prepared for death,
  Whose passions is not his masters are"

Here I am, playing with those memories again,
Those memories come crushing with through,
I hardly had two words to say,
There is no other things then to say,
Goodbye!!! Sorry!!!