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Nisha of 9600
People who call for help doesn't need help,
What he need is courage

Alhamdulillah and thank you to Allah Almighty for giving me the chance to write in this home page....

       It's been 10 months since I've lived with all of you.. the batch of 9903, and in that period of time, lots that I learned and also lots that I've gave to you. Being a perfect person wasn't an easy task... We just can be what we afford to be and imagining us being like in our dreams would be a task we would want to achieve in our life...
      Nothing I can say thus no words would express my feelings that I put on you.. You've been great even you make problems in certain ways.... Nevermind the things I'm unable to teach but do remember what I've yhought you. It is the same thing will be facing in the outside world just that it'll be more complicated that we faced before.

      Last but not least... remember me as I remember you... though things might change in the future, the friendship that tied together would never full apart. Sorry for my wrong doings as I'm only a human being looking for his chance to end this long wait in his life as a collegian... buhbye!!

Now Hostel keeper