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Captain: Irzani
Coaches: Meon (1999)
 Hadry (1999)
Hemmet (1999)
Akmal (1999)
Stretch (2000)
Rudy (2000)
Baeng (2000)
Imi (2000)                   

Rugby?? What is that? I still remeber the first time we see the rugby ball was when Zaid Zanial introduced us with the game. Early of the year. Then, Hemmet came and started to train the team. There were quite a lot of problem between us. Then, after th MSSPK had finished, the other ruggers, Meon, Hadry, Akmal and else, came and trained us. At last, during the carnival, we failed to broke the records by lost nil-42 up against the 2nd former,

This year were totally different. We were there, at the end of nowhere without any ruggers prefect and any coach. We wonder who is our coach. Earlier of the year, Fidz came to help us.. but after that, we heard that he has been the 1st former trainer. We started to train ourself at the Rumah 2020. Later, after half of the year, Stretch came, for a while. Then, we were again.. alone.. 3 weeks before the carnival, form 4 came and help us, followed by strect and the other coaches. Thanks God, we have them. A lot of more advanced skill we learned from them. And at last, the record still at it is. We won by 36-nil. And the most thing that we can proud, we have made 3 out of the 6 conversion.  The biggers number of coversation in carnival!

Show no Mercy!!