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Captain: Abdul Hakim
Coaches: Syed Muhd. Afdhal (1999)
  Zaid Waqiyuddin (2000)

Nothing I can say about our takraw team. I think, our players are some of the best player in college. And I believe, that we can emerge the title District Champion in 2003. Nobody expect, this team could won the carnival. Without any coaches, and just some help from Afdhal, they tried their hard to be the first team to win in the carnival. And they did it. Congratulation to them!

Well, at the early of the year, some of our players have been chosen to play in the Under 15 tournament in Clifford. They are Azam, Muaz and Husni. They were lucky to have Waq as the New Hostel Prefect. I can see they learned a lot of thing from him. Sometimes, in the evening, when everybody busy to take a bath at Kolah, we can see euther Azam or Muaz, "Sakit Pinggang buat lipat." As they team which won last year, they hold a lot of preassure to win the game again, this year. At last, Alhamdulillah, they won the game again, this year although they were a lot of fight in the game! Congratulation to them to be the only one team which won the both carnival!