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9903 The Main Domain
Welcome to the new official web site of the class of 2003 from Malay College Kuala Kangsar. After 2 years, at last, we have decided to renew our web site and move them to Tripod (before this we were using Geocities). In this opportunity, I like to thanks each person who has give their response and suggestions in the past home page. We will keep updating this home page and we will still look for your suggestions in order to improve the quality of this home page.

More than words,

Everyone ask me for a more new 9903's homepage.. Aarrhhgghh.. bored.. Why they keep complain about our last homepage.. Now. I make a new one..But this is not the full edition.. this is just like the trial mode.. Just to tell them that I have updated the homepage and no more complain.. So.. in this homepage.. you won't be able to go to some certain places such as the history, some team's achievements and the Prep School's prefects corner.. But.. you will be able to do so during our birthday.. To 9903.. the latest homepage I gave you as a present from me during our Birthday

Love From,

This building has change us a lot. In this place, we have learn a lot of thing.. from positive to negative.. everything is there... There are a lot of sweet and sad memory there.. And we will always keep remeber them. Thank you New Hostel.. We will always remeber the time where will live happily there!!